Children's Health Insurance Program

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Does your child need health insurance?


Maine has a program, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

that provides health insurance to children age 18 and younger that may help.


What does this program cover?


  • Health services, including-

    • well-child visits

    • treatment for health care problems

  • Dental care

  • Hospital care

  • Mental health services

  • Pharmacy

  • Services for children with special health needs

  • Speech, vision and hearing Services

  • Assistance with transportation



Who can get this coverage?


  • Your child can get CHIP if your income is lower than the limits in the chart below for your family size.


Family size

Gross yearly income before taxes

Gross weekly income before taxes














  • The chart is a guideline as some income may not be counted. You should apply for coverage if your income is close to these amounts, or a little higher. For families over 5 people, you should add $7,640 to the income limit for each additional family member. The number of family members includes parent(s) of the children. The income of adults not legally responsible for the children is not counted.


  • There are other rules that families must meet to qualify.


What if I already have health insurance?


If a child has health insurance through a parent’s job:

  • Children cannot have CHIP and other health insurance at the same time.

  • If you drop your childs health insurance, there may be a three month waiting period before your child can receive CHIP. There are some reasons that would allow your child to get CHIP without a waiting period if your child already has health insurance.


What do I have to pay (premiums)?


  • Your premium is based on the number of family members in your home, your income, and the number of children covered.


  • Premiums currently range from $8 to $64 per month and are due on the first day of each month.


  • There are no premiums for Native Americans who are members of a federally recognized Indian Tribe.



How do I apply?


  • You can get an application from any local DHHS office. You can call 1-800-442-6003 for help locating an office.


  • You can call your local DHHS office and apply over the telephone.



  • When you apply for CHIP, you may be found eligible for other programs to help you and your family.



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